About the Great Himalaya Trails

Great Himalaya Trails (GHT) is a network of thousands of trails across Nepal, many of which have been traversed for thousands of years by herders, traders, pilgrims, and – in more recent days – tourists.

In its totality it is one of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. Nepal’s GHT has 10 sections comprising a network of upper and lower routes, offering adventurous trails, authentic cultural experiences, and spectacular Himalayan nature. The 1,700 km Great Himalaya Trail network of Nepal begins on the eastern border and heads west navigating the domains of eight of the world’s 8000m peaks, from the beautiful but lesser-known Makalu to the famous Everest. It is not the easiest or most direct route across Nepal, rather a track connecting the unique diversity of the country through the Greater Himalaya. The Nepal trail network routes end in the west of Nepal on the Indian and Tibetan borders.

Each section of the trail network offers a unique experience through unprecedented nature and culture, be it adventure and exploration, spirituality, authentic ethnic experiences, or simply spectacular Himalayan biodiversity.

For more information about each of the 10 sections and how to prepare for your trek, visit the official Great Himalaya Trails website.

Since its official inception as a heritage trail of global significance in 2008 the Great Himalaya Trails are gradually expanding from initially five to 16 districts before long, to include all 10 sections of the trail. Local non-governmental and governmental organizations, with support of the Ministry of Tourism Culture and Civil Aviation, the Trekking Agent Association of Nepal and the Nepal Tourism Board, have begun marketing and developing the entire trail to ensure trekking tourism is benefitting the mountain communities along the GHT.

The Great Himalaya Trails network of Nepal is part of a longer alpine adventure traversing the spine of the Himalaya from Bhutan to Pakistan. These sections are currently being researched, trekked and documented. There still is a lot of Great Himalaya Trails exploring yet to be done!

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