What we do

1. Conservation stewardship

Through our conservation efforts, GHT Nepal Alliance supports conservation of the natural environment, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and national pride along the trail network. The trails will play a constructive role in conservation stewardship and corridors.

Our conservation stewardship includes:

  • Trail management, encompassing the on–the-ground stewardship performed by local communities and agency partners to maintain the Trail, its structures, and its natural and cultural resources.
  • Coordination and lobbying with related authorities of the Government of Nepal for adequate policies, acts, regulations and other relevant legal documents to ensure sustainable development of tourism in Nepal.
  • Climate change awareness

2. Community development

Building a vibrant society in the Nepalese Himalayas, GHT Nepal Alliance supports development efforts towards a sustainable and meaningful livelihood for local communities. Tourism will play an enabling role in this through responsible business and employment opportunities.

Our community development includes:

  • Sustainable and socially responsible business practices along the trail are encouraged through advocacy and capacity development in business development and management skills.
  • Support the districts with developing strategic tourism development plans and build capacities to implement it.

Branding and promotion of the Great Himalaya Trail network, building on the uniqueness of each section, will bring more visitors and stimulate interaction and business opportunities for local people.

3. Destination management, branding and communication

Over the past seven years, the Great Himalaya Trails has become a strong and successful brand reaching out to tourists across the world. The diversity of places and people along the trail network is well acknowledged. Though some destinations have become known for their specific characteristics, which has helped them build up their own brand (e.g. Mount Everest for Sagarmatha region and the Tibetan herigate and buddhist culture for Upper Mustang), many other areas remain less known. It is our aim to work together with the people at these destinations towards revealing their unique brands and helping them find suitable ways of communication and promotion.

4. GHT platform

Functioning as an umbrella organisation with a multitude of partners and collaborators, GHTNA provides a platform for open dialogue and collaboration.

In the future we plan to explore possibilities for transboundary expansion of the trail in neighbouring countries.