About us

The overall aim of the Great Himalaya Trail (Nepal) Alliance is to improve sustainable livelihoods of mountain communities through trail management and increased benefits and employment from tourism along the trail, and to promote the Great Himalaya Trails to tourist worldwide.

In 2013, we established this Alliance as an umbrella organization of local NGOs, to continue conservation, promotion and support to the sustainable development of the Great Himalaya Trail at national and local level. The Alliance envisions becoming the national trail organisation and aims to benefit at least 180,000 people along the trail by 2020. The Alliance is registered with the District Administrative Office and Social Welfare Council in Kathmandu under Organization Registration Act 2034.

Vision, mission and mandate

Our Alliance’s mission is to protect and manage the network of trails and employ tourism to stimulate sustainable development of local communities along all 10 sections of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Our vision is a sustainable livelihood of mountain communities across Nepal.

Our mandate includes:

  • Monitoring stewardship of the trail network in collaboration with local communities and partners;
  • Supporting sustainable and inclusive development along the trail;
  • Destination management, branding and promoting the GHT as a unique, premium trekking trails network in the world;
  • Functioning as a platform for local, national and international stakeholders, bringing them together and strengthening their capacities to jointly ensure sustainable development of trekking tourism in Nepal.

Organizational chart